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About Us

Scenic Elementz is a full service production and scenic design company.  We produce everything in-house so we can provide you with the most cost effective solution.  Our team has a collective expertise in the industry with over 40 years of experience.  Through much trial and error, we have distinguished what works and what doesn’t.  What works is an experienced, knowledgeable team that covers all the elementz from design, to production to implementation.   This ensures that we create a superior end product.


Scenic Elementz provides a host of services. 

We can work with you on a small scale or a large scale, depending on your needs.

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Conceptual Designs • Project Management • Metal Fabrication
Temporary/Permanent Installations • Custom Sewing • Tension Fabrics
Event/Wedding Coordination • Floral Creations • Carpentry


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Mission Statement

In an overcrowded marketplace, it is important to stand out.  To do this, Scenic Elementz delivers exceptional service and a quality product.  We refuse to sacrifice excellence. We create a superior end product with meticulous attention to our clients’ needs, creative imagination, and polished execution.  It is our goal to create an end product that we can be proud of and to make each client a repeat customer.